Twiggy Thin

tree house3

When children are deep in slumber and the moon lights up the sky

Deep within the forest, certain trees do come alive

Especially a small one who’s name is Twiggy Thin,

He would pull his roots up from the soil for his journey to begin


He heads to farmer Thatcher’s house filled with hopes and dreams

He wants to be a little boy you see instead of stuck there by the stream

Peering in Thatcher’s farmhouse in a window on the lower floor

To watch a little boy sleeping whom he had seen many times before


Oh, to have a friend you could run with or even ride a bike

To venture into the woods all day for a picnic or a hike

He dreamed his dreams of grandeur in hopes one day they all come true

To be just like that little boy with blonde hair and eyes of blue


As time passed Twiggy thought, ‘Here by the stream I’m meant to stay’.

As well the little boy grew up and finally moved away

One Saturday when the sun was bright and warmth was in the wind

Twiggy heard off in the distance, “Hey, let’s go out for a swim!”


Into the clearing strode three children along with mom and dad

The children jumped into the stream for here much fun was to be had

The screaming and the laughter filled Twiggy with delight

They played into the evening but left before the night


The next weekend they came with hammer, rope, and lumber

They nailed steps into Twiggy’s trunk as he began to wonder

They reached his strongest branches and nailed some planks across

They fashioned out a little house, over the edge a rope they tossed


Weekends came and weekends went in his branches the children played

And when it was time to settled down, they had a picnic under his shade


Twiggy became so content that he never left that land

For all his dreams had now come true just not exactly as he planned.


Bruce Rowe © 2010


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