Requiem for the Ghosts of Salem

The trial of George Jacobs for witchcraft

In times past told of stories old

Dark creatures walked the earth,

When strife and greed on mounted steeds

Gave life to an evil curse.

False accusations from close relations

Left them swinging by a rope,

But now in the Hollow the dead will swallow

Leaving the accusers without a stitch of hope.

For if hell is real they will hear the shrill

Rising from the graves,

To exact revenge with bodies scared and singed

For the injustice that was made.

They will twist their minds for all the crimes

Until their sanity is no more,

But leave the bodies intact stretched out on the rack

Then drift back into the moors.

To their earthen homes of tomes and bones

In peace they now will dwell,

For while they were here their names were smeared

For Salem’s ghosts there is no hell.

                                                                                                                         Bruce Rowe © 2009





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