Collateral Damage


Can we hold you close; it’s for your own protection

Try not minding the scales; they’re of divine selection,

Your life filled with pain and misguided direction

Feel our disease, such a tingling infection.

Let us hold you close, you’ve never felt this before

Infusing the venom, you’ll desire much more,

We’ll help you wipe out the great, the mediocre, the poor,

Our expansions are great and your exposure galore.

The voice of deception tickles your ears

Speaking with all reason, don’t listen to them, dear,

For they are part of our plan, their names we will smear

Every man, woman and child, yes, even their peers.

Let us draw you in close, direct the moves that you make

Ignore the incoming arrows and the pain that you’ll take,

Giving pleasure to our scheme, for that’s what’s at stake

You’re just collateral damage that we defecate.


Bruce Rowe © 2018


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