Bruce Rowe was born in the Deep South of Louisiana where folklore and myths are as plentiful as fireflies in the Bluebonnet Swamp on a midsummer’s night. He has integrated the supernatural elements from those myths in addition to others from around the world into his stories.

He has had short stories published at, and The Rider, his first short story, was nominated Publication of the Month at Spillwords in October 2018 and will soon be released in Full Moon and Howlin, A Werewolf anthology by Zombie Works Publications. Grandfather’s Clock and Broken Wings were feature pieces at Spillwords. The Lonely Traveler received a special mention at Cafelit. He has been nominated twice as Author of the month at Spillwords. His poem, Twiggy Thin, is published in Clarendon House Publication’s, Poetica. His story, Hair of the Dog, is published in Zombie Works Publication, Monsterthology 2. His fantasy novel, The Chrysalis and the Creature’s of the Highlands, has just been released in May of 2021.

He presently lives in Oceanside California where he spends his time writing, body surfing and playing guitar.